Played by four individuals, or two teams of two players, it is unique, enjoyable and educational, affording the players the opportunity to make choices to strategies and to take risks in order to win.

The board is a lesson in itself. Starting from the hut, the house, the shack and the mansion, it shows that HIV/AIDS and Life Orientation affects all people, no matter their station in life. The stepping stones and the bridges, used here instead of the usual board squares, portray the hurdles the player has to overcome as he/she progresses through life. Only the rules and the cards will be printed in different languages.

Gimme 5 is the result of four years research and development by Dr. David Kolnick, Derrick Nesbit, and Ernst Linder. The game is designed in a manner that allows it to be informative as well as fun for the whole family. It is a versatile educational tool which can benefit teachers, educators, social welfare groups and organizations, human resource departments and health and AIDS awareness groups and institutions.

Gimme 5 is suitable for grades R to 12 and up, however, it can be easily adapted to suit the requirements of any organizationís aims or training agenda.

General Board Grade R